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How to Make Magic Tangible

“So, We need a Castle”

It was with that sentence that the entire Arts team of Humble Sage Games had to figure out how to make a building, look and feel magical. The world is filled with different takes on what magic looks like; is it a giant spell book or floating staircases? Is it magical creatures or human creation? We needed to come up with what magic meant and looked like for us in the world of Cast VR.

In the beginning stages we took inspiration from what already existed, and began by looking into historical architecture to give us a small grounding in reality. We wanted to allow players the freedom to explore, whilst encouraging them to look around and enjoy the finer details. High ceilings, large windows and open spaces were aspects of architecture we thought looked innately magical. Our aim was to create an air of mystery and magic in every room of the castle. No one wants to play with magic in a small dark cupboard.

The real magic in every room is made, not only in the obvious things like the castle and the furniture, but in every item we created to bring that magic feeling to life. We had a blast designing everything you’ll see in Cast VR; from the unique magical creatures, the enchanted suits of armour down to the tiniest item sitting on a desk. I want to encourage you to explore every room, enjoy every item and cast every spell because at the end of the day our game isn’t magical without you to enjoy it.

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