• Jake Harris

How to Make Magic Systems

Making magical systems is always a fun challenge no matter the platform they are made for. Books, movies and games regardless of their platforms all require a unique look at magic and an understanding of how it works to really bring it to life.

It is always important to start with the basics and this was especially true with Cast. Due to its unique magic system and the magical castle in which it was set. All types of magic are different. The reason to start with the basics in the world you’re building is it will be affected by the magic throughout it.

The magic system in Cast is something that encompasses the world, and is aware of all living things. It pulsates life around the world, and grows the more life is created and nurtured. In this way the Magical system actually rewards people who use magic to protect life on the planet. It even created a Castle at the magical pole of the world, and this is where our Brennix (king) lives, and where our game takes place.

With the basics of Magic created, you can look to the world and how this magic changed it. How people evolved with the uses of magic, and what those people might be like. How different regions with different needs would grow magical technology in different ways. Now, you are beginning to divide your magic into different segments, in Cast we call them Magical Schools.

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