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How to Make Magic Melodies

I’m Tom Meo the composer for Cast VR and today in this dev blog, I’m delving into how I created the soundtrack, and why the music may be doing a little more than setting the mood.

So when you’re told that a game is a magical adventure, set inside a castle what comes to mind? Wands, spells, self-sorting bookcases, horrifying enemies and being sent to the shadow realm? That’s definitely what came to my mind, but how do we begin in translating all these themes and ideas into an immersive soundtrack?

Medieval and mystical themes are the symbolic identity of Cast VR so I thought an orchestral timbre would be most fitting and immersive, as it is commonly associated with these themes. I just happen to play the flute so I figured with our tight budget (well no budget) that we’d take advantage of that. The flute melodies create the overall musical identity so that when you hear the music, you know it’s Cast VR.

There are specific musical pieces for every space in the game, enriched with unique musical motifs and selected instruments to further support the narrative focus of the game. The music never aims to be the centre of attention; it weaves in and out to create tension and release as the storyline progresses. This creates immersion and helps connect you to the magical world. I was also deliberate with the use of silence. Silence is a powerful tool within video games that gives the player space to take in the environment and make their own meaning.

Everything in Cast VR was designed and created with a purpose. It is my hope and desire that the music captures the atmosphere of the game and enhances your magical gameplay experience.

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