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A History of Caracals Lake - By Gracen Wilcox

The Caracal has guarded the lake since the beginning of time. Teaching us to survive and guiding nomads in need. A magical creature, a light in the dark and a god to our people. Not all Ambiani have seen it, but we all believe in the stories from the ones who have been blessed by the Caracal’s light.

We do not take water from the lake for we do not disrespect the land, and all who have seen the lake know that there is not much water at all.

We are told the lake is full of life. Fish of all different species and colours swim freely in the lake but there is only a very small amount of water. They are said to swim in an astral plane. Some say the fish swim “in” the water, and in a projection of it too; if you tried to enter the lake you would only feel solid ground under your feet, while the fish continue to swim without any interruption from your movement. They are both of this world and another.

The lake holds a magic inside it, but none has been able to harness this magic for personal gain. The Caracal guides us to the lake in our most desperate times; whether we are dying from thirst, losing faith or are lost in the dark; it grounds us and brings us back to reality.

Some think it is an insult to take water from the lake for ourselves. If we could use it to help grow crops or repair wounds, or anything else we might gain from finding the fountain, other’s say it could be nothing but a benefit to us. Personally, I believe we should only use the water in times of need. As the lake is only shown to us then, if we were to take from it any other time it would be a misuse. We would be abusing the Caracal and the basin's goodwill.

The first account of finding the lake was from one of our ancestors. She tells the story as she was lost on a moonless night, no older than a child. A faint green glow was just a walk away and in the shape of an animal, but when she got closer it would move further, until after a while it stopped moving. She approached the glow and it dissipated, revealing the lake which was also glowing that same soft green. She rested safely for the night and found her way back in the morning.

Similar stories have told of the green glow of the lake and also the Caracal, bringing people in need in from afar. The lake is described as a beautiful, breathtaking experience and we owe many souls returning home safely to the Caracal and it’s lake.

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