• Jake Harris

A Balanced Life, The spiritual history of the Caletes, Tome 1 - By Jake Harris

To my people the Caletes, the mysteries of life are… Not at all mysterious. It can be hard for others to understand how life flourishes, but if you wish for a guide we can give it to you.

The very life force of the world guides and encourages all life. This is clear to anyone who spends time communing with the world as we do. We know that nature helps to protect life, helps to guide our people towards peace. We believe this to be the truth so strongly that it is one of the Tenants of life and mediation among the wisest of Caletes.

These tenants, unlike those of other regions, are ever evolving as the Caletes spend their lives in pursuit of enlightenment and understanding. Work, play, and meditation are the core elements of the Caletes lifestyle, and with the right balance can be achieved simultaneously. Mediation, and the enlightenment of understanding are necessary, and should be sought by all.

Achieving a true sense of balance can only come through dedication, and from an early age children are encouraged to push themselves at whatever they do. All jobs are equal for the Caletes, for when every piece of a society works together true harmony can be achieved. Like in life, the little things add up to larger things. In this way each task in itself is something that should be whole-heartedly focused on. Such devotion to one task creates a very serious but calm lifestyle open to all those who accept it. For Brennix who understand this, their rule goes smoother and peace is able to be achieved.

One of the hardest things for others to grasp is how much of a loving and welcoming people the Caletes truly are, despite their serious nature. Whilst they are a focused and dedicated people, their life is still one full of love and laughter. If you understand the goals, you can begin to accept the lifestyle and then you may begin to become wise.

This wisdom and understanding comes across as arrogant because of our surety of truth. However, to be at one with yourself, and to be at one with the world is a state of mind which cannot be understood without pursuit. To achieve this state of being is considered rare even so for the Caletes, with even fewer outsiders being able to achieve such unity. This is a fact which is hard to grasp, and may cause our kind to come across as arrogant though we are not inclined to be. That we can achieve this does in some way make us better than others, at least in regard to knowledge and understanding.

What more I can tell of you of our ways and culture, if you’d perhaps like to read on. Like all, this knowledge, understanding and true enlightenment can be sought if you look hard enough.

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