Veil of Crows

A sandbox style real-time strategy game set in a chaotic medieval world


  • Start with a single hero, or a group of peasants and build an empire.
  • Besiege fully destructible castles in epic siege battles.
  • Command large armies and take advantage of unit strengths and weaknesses.
  • Take heed of weather and geography to sway the battle in your favour.
  • A massive sandbox style campaign map that includes more than 75 towns and villages.
  • Engage in random encounters, or complete quests in the hopes of improving faction relations.
  • Just because you might die, doesn’t mean your world dies too. Start again and your former kingdom still remains, however you are just another peasant.
  • Choose between a campaign style play mode or run wild in complete sandbox mode.
  • Forge alliances, or threaten and back-stab your way to power. Every action you take will change other factions opinions of you
  • Put your leader on the throne! In the main game, you start by customising a main character. You must keep them alive, and put them on the throne to truly conquer the world.
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Kerry Fawdray the sole developer behind Arrow Face Games – The creator of Veil of Crows.

I have been enjoying video games since growing up playing ‘Wonder Boy’ on our humble family Commodore 64. Since then, I taught myself how to program, and have been building games ever since. At Humble Sage Games I have been given a true focus to my passion, where I can put one of my favourite pastimes into productive use. I am most excited about working on the AI component in GOA, as I have always enjoyed building believable characters and NPC’s for the player to interact with.

Available now on Steam