Our Team

  Our team develops and publishes games.
Our mission is to produce engaging games that challenge people on how they make decisions, and connect people with the best part of themselves.

Dean Watkin - CEO and Co-founder

I’ve played games for 25 years, since the days of Commander Keen. I’ve also performed as a professional musician for over 15 years, and am particularly interested in how music and sound effects can transport people into another world. I love working with a talented, diverse team to create extraordinary games.

Jake Harris - COO, Co-founder and Director.

My inspiration has been to write an epic fantasy role play game and luckily enough upon meeting some new friends I have been involved in starting Humble Sage Games. I am also an author and my first book Kingsblood has been published by Jaffa Books. I spend the vast majority of my time writing and conceptualising ideas. I developed a deep interest in fantasy from a young age and I am currently living my dream. My favourite game is Final Fantasy 7 and my favourite book is Pawn of Prophecy by David Eddings both for nostalgic reasons.

Derek Proud - Executive Consultant

Derek Proud has more than 20 years’ experience in the game development industry with companies like EA and THQ, and has worked on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup, Destroy all Humans, Destroy all Humans 2, Pixar's Cars, Spongebob Squarepants and Avatar the Last Airbender.

Anthony Sparks – Head of People and Culture

My interest and passion for fantasy and gaming were instilled in me from a young age. So when my friend Jake contacted me about Humble Sage Games I was immediately interested and came on board. I have become very passionate about the Goblins in Gates of Angaria, and cannot wait to see how people enjoy them. When I am not working on the game I am almost always reading, or playing myself. My favourite game is Fallout, and my favourite author is Terry Pratchett.

Maddie Hausler - Head of Marketing

I’ve been surrounded by video games my entire life. From playing Monster Truck Madness on PC to 007 Nightfire and Spyro on PS2, I have always loved the immersion that video games present. Upon being invited to an Arts day by Kaylah, I was brought into an amazing team environment…one I have never able to escape. I was elated to become a part of HSG, being able to help build up an industry which so many dismiss as fanciful and ‘unproductive’, which has allowed me to combine my love for gaming and marketing. My all time favourite games are the Assassin’s Creed and Uncharted series, as well as Spyro.

Nathan Bennett - Head of Communications


Adam Juric - Social Media Marketer

With the advancement of communication today, people can talk to one another from other sides of the planet. As the social media marketer, my end goal is to make sure we convey enough information to you guys all while making you love what we do at Humble Sage Games. The idea of being part of a video game company is surreal, having played many classics such as Pokemon and Kings Quest (I'm younger than these games!) and my current favourites like Smite, Overwatch, and Endless Legends; I'm still surprised I get to work with all this awesome people. Hopefully I'll be a benevolent ruler of the Twitters, and a generous king on Facebook, but I'll be an absolute nutcase on Reddit.

Gareth Haage - Lead Game Designer

I am the Lead Game Designer at Humble Sage Games, and creator of what will be some of your favourite games (Lets hope). Humble Sage Games is a company attempting to bring the AAA industry back to Australia and I intend to help it do that. My goal is to have players to get lost in another world. When people play my games I hope the real world disappears for a short time and they can have a truly different experience. I have always been inspired by games that do the same to me, like Skyrim or The Witcher 3.

Kaylah Hasson - Lead Artist

Animating is such a passion for me, so it's no wonder I went to SAE Institute to study a Bachelor of Animation. I love to bring the characters and concepts we make here at Humble Sage Games come to life. I have been immersed in gaming since I was young enough to push a button and absolutely love any game with a great story, especially the Tomb Raider franchise and games like Skyrim and Fallout, and can’t wait to see the same come to life in GoA.

Kerry Fawdray - Lead Programmer

I have been enjoying video games since growing up playing 'Wonder Boy' on our humble family Commodore 64. Since then, I taught myself how to program, and have been building games ever since. At Humble Sage Games I have been given a true focus to my passion, where I can put one of my favourite pastimes into productive use. I am most excited about working on the AI component in GOA, as I have always enjoyed building believable characters and NPC's for the player to interact with.

Anna Topham - Executive Assistant

I have always been a huge lover of video games and when I was given the opportunity to assist in the making of them I jumped at the chance. Even though I don't make the games directly I do help the heads of the company organise their time wisely and keep them on task with reminders and task lists. In my spare time you will usually find me head deep in a book, listening to music or gaming for hours on end. My favourite author is Sarah J Maas and my favourite games is Final Fantasy XIV Online

Nic Seittenranta - Audio Production

At HSG my job is to bring visual worlds to life and enhance stories through the power of sound design. I've been into storytelling and the creative arts for all of my life. This led to attending film school where I stumbled upon the glories of sound design. It's only fitting that my next step was to join a video game company to combine my love of audio with my lifelong passion of video games. My favourite games of all time are Grim Fandango, Elder Scrolls IV, and Red Dead Redemption.

Jessica Fay - 3D Artist

My job in Humble Sage is to create 3D models for Gates of Angaria. Ever since I was little I've always had a passion for video games, my favourite game is The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time as I love to be immersed in adventures making new discoveries and solving puzzles. My love for games led me to study and graduate in a bachelor degree in animation at Griffith University. I hope to spread the same joys I had as a child playing games to the children of this generation.

Amy Stewart - Graphic Artist

I am using my skills to help in the creation of the user interface and head up display; basically the bits and buttons to click on and keep track of stuff. I also do concept art and print media. I finished my bachelor’s degree of animation in 2011 and my first job was creating e-learning videos and print media. I moved from the Sunshine coast to Brisbane in 2015 and started at Humble Sage Games. I love games with a co-operative or creative nature. I am naturally drawn to role playing games both on the computer and pen-and-paper. My favourite games include both Portal games, Soul Reaver, Convoy and Minecraft.

Edward Harmon - 3D Artist

Ever since i was young i had a knack for been and doing creative things. Some of my earliest memories are of gaming and making art. So when it came time for me to think about what career i would like to pursue, it was not hard for me to come to the realisation that it would be something creative and fun, and making games fills that roll perfectly.

Toni-Louise Giacopelli - Concept/3D Artist

Drawing has been my number 1 passion for as long as I can remember, followed closely by my love for video-games and all things DC. I've always expressed myself creatively through my art, so it was only a matter of time before I'd end up marrying the two together and creating my long term goal of becoming a concept artist within the gaming industry. Having studied a Bachelor of Animation at SAE Creative Media Institute, I embarked on my journey as an intern at Humble Sage Games and before long I was initiated into the company as a fully-fledged member! Definitely the most influential video-game that helped me hone in on what it was I wanted to do with my skill set was Naughty Dog's 'The Last of Us'. Between the Narrative, Display and Mechanics you're able to form such a strong bond with the characters and you feel that their successes are your own and in turn, you feel their loses just as deeply.

Mate Kvsevic - Mechanical Designer/Animator

I have always loved the rules and design behind the game more than the game itself. I studied at TAFE and from there went to QUT to grow my knowledge of Game Design and even designed a few games of my own. My biggest goal is to create and design a game that would be known around the world and now that I am part of a great team at Humble Sage Games, my chance to achieve my goal is closer than ever before.

Liam Blake – Composer/musician

I have a 15 year background in music and composition with a Diploma of Music, and I’m excited to see what will become of what’s likely going to be one very immersive game. When I was about 6 I got my first NES with Mario Bros / Duck Hunt. Decades later, I still haven’t grown out of the Mario franchise and probably never will.

Jake Andrews - Game Designer


Heath Sargent - Programmer

My passion for programming started at a young age when I decided I wanted to understand how the games I played actually worked. I started with GameMaker, moved on to C++ and then started using the Unity game engine as a requirement for my university course. Although I primarily use Unity now, I enjoy programming in C++ a lot more. Some of my favourite games are Dark Souls 3, Luigi's Mansion and Rocket League.

Connor Hasson - Programmer

Andrew Thorley - Audio Engineer

The audio team behind Naughty Dog's 'The Last of Us' was a huge inspiration for me. I have more than seven years of experience performing and composing orchestral music - specialising in percussion, tuba, guitar, and bass. During this time, I discovered a passion for composition and a sharp ear for sound design. I spent the next two years honing my skills towards game audio and today I'm happy to be putting those skills to use at Humble Sage Games.