Cast is a first-person fantasy RPG exclusive to VR

Learn to cast powerful spells by drawing magical runes in the air using a wand and solve the mysteries of a broken kingdom.




In the game “Cast”, players take control of one of four unique characters and embark on a quest to solve the mystery of the missing King.  In one hand players hold a magic wand and in the other hand they hold a book of spells. As players progress through the story they learn how to cast spells with their wand and collect runes for their book so they can cast more powerful spells and become a master spell caster.

The game is set in an enchanted castle filled with hidden secrets, interesting characters and dangerous creatures.  The decisions players make will have meaningful consequences for their character and the world. Players are encouraged to explore the castle, experiment with the various spells and seek out the hidden parts of each character’s story ensuring that each play-through is a unique experience.