We are creating a virtual reality game where you cast complex spells using a magic wand. 

You will learn how to combine various spell elements using your magic wand to create powerful spells to defend yourself from hordes of enemies. In the game you will start as an apprentice Spell Caster and strive to overcome magical enemies. Will you become one of the greatest in the realm?

Cast VR has a rich story about the origins of Spell Casters… 
“The heavens shuddered and runes, blazing like starlight, fell on the land below. Those who dared approach the glowing fragments unlocked a power that no one had yet imagined and they became the world’s first Spell Casters…”

Cast VR is created for PC and we are developing the game for release on Steam. We are currently working with HTC Vive hardware and planning to have Oculus hardware support. If we have enough time and funding we would also like to explore the inclusion of Playstation VR.


Schools of Magic

In the realm of Cast VR there are many different Schools of Magic that the casters have at their disposal.  

  • The first School of Magic is power over the elements. Water, Fire, Lightening and Earth are all at your disposal. Learn how to harness the elements… to blast your enemies with fire or hurl rocks from afar. Create a shield out of water or manifest a sword from fire when enemies get too close.