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The Island of Novark is a mostly peaceful metropolis for all the peoples that live there. It is here that the Keryx, the chosen champions of the individual cultures, go on their quest to save their respective peoples from the Danava. The land provides players with a diverse landscape to explore, going from mountainous terrain, frozen wastelands and dense forests. Each culture has its unique traditions and customs, and have made their homes in the many biomes scattered across Novark.

Artwork by the Narrative team

This is the original map design for Novark given to the Arts team by the talented Narrative team. The Narrative team as true to their name, are talented with writing, sadly not so much with art. The original map design did help us to get a feel for the world, and help us shape it into what it is today. Building an entire world is no easy feat. however an island is slightly easier. Utilising the rough map outline alongside helpful, detailed descriptions the arts team set to work creating a playable world from the ground up.

Artwork By Angelica Zurawski

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. So how do you build a world? The same way of course! Piece by piece, the Island of Novark began to take shape. From giant mountains to rivers and canyons, every aspect was discussed and designed so that the player can have as much fun exploring the Island as much as we did creating it.

Unity world done by Kaylah Hasson

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