The Way of Silver Part 2

Artwork by Amy Stewart

The power of clairvoyance, as great as it is, has many risks. Kailasa had shown the High Elves her foresight. But at the same time the visions she experienced were beginning to overwhelm her normal vision and cloud her mind. Knowing she did not have much time, she took the one person she had the utter most faith in, and returned to The Silver Mountain to rest.

She knew that the Parishad were still twisted in their wickedness. But unable to keep a clear head, she did not have the ability to change the ways of the High Elves. Her follower, Gauri, became her strength, staying by her side as the visions became more and more potent and took her away from reality for greater periods of time. Slowly, even her words became different and altered by the visions, as all language of the present and future melded into one. Gauri however, being there every step of the way, was able to decipher the language over time and listen to the words and understand.

A few months after the two of them had returned to The Silver Mountain, they were joined by another. And a few days after that another again, all of who came to escape the Parishad, and knew that Kailasa’s clairvoyance could be of aid. Slowly through the translation of Gauri, Kailasa explained to them that she had originally come to this mountain in a search for peace. She had of course found the purple smoke as a result. But through her visions and the gathering High Elves, perhaps peace amongst her people could still be attained.

So she sent out the High Elves who came to her from on The Silver Mountain each with explicit instructions of how to act and how to convince High Elves of their hateful ways. Using the name of the First Paigambar. These members who reached out across the land of Angaria became known as the ‘Followers of Silver’, and quickly peace was spread through the High Elves. The Parishad which struggled to maintain control over the now restless High Elves lost their positions of power, and the High Elves re-established freedom for the Rassayanajin and the Yoddha, who were being used extensively by the Parishad during the time of the Plague.

As peace came over the High Elven cities, Kailasa made her return. She was praised and her teaching became known as the Way of Silver, which is remembered even to this day. Her companion, Gauri, became known as a Dubhaashiya, one of the people who knew how to understand the Paigambar’s contorted language, and the two of them were given honorary positions in the society of the High Elves, and had a voice that was revered by all.

Even to this day the Paigambar and the Dubhaashiya share one voice, just as they did in the past.

Written by Declan Wallace

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