The First Paigambar Part 1

Artwork by Amy Stewart

The First Paigambar Part 1

The Plague was over. Both Elven species had been cured, and yet Mahamari was nowhere to be found. The High Elves celebrated, finally free of this worry, and yet for some there was still an uneasy after taste.

The Rasayana Kailasa was one particular Elf who was unsure what the world would look like now. The High Elves, even in their celebrations had leftover hate, paranoia and desperation. The Death toll of the plague was high, and even though it had passed, the atmosphere remained.

One night during the new moon, Kailasa could bear it no longer. Not bothering even to take shoes, she desperately fled the hate and the anger of her people; fleeing to The Silver Mountain, named justly for the thousands of silver flowers that grew there due to the rich volcanic soil.

Free from the hate and poverty of the cities, Kailasa found herself connected with the calm presence of nature, which had replaced the presence of hate of the city. There in her newfound peace, she walked amongst the flowers and spoke to the animals during the days and meditated on her life during the nights.

For months this continued until one day, the world around her melded with her soul, and suddenly she could see the energies of everything that lived around her and how they bent and swirled the most strongly, surrounding the silver flowers. As she moved to take a flower, she noticed the energy was gathered the most inside the flower where the colour was blue but also at the roots which when exposed were a dark red. As she removed the whole flower she named it justly, the Soltu flower.

Taking the flower and the roots, she combined them. To her surprise, as soon as the ingredients mixed, it evaporated into purple smoke which surrounded her and consumed her. Amidst all the effects, one was clearer than the rest… Foresight into the future, showing her visions of sickness, visions of pain and visions of a bright light that would take the people to a new world.

After her apparition had subsided she left the Silver Mountain and at once returned to the High Elven cities to show her people about this discovery.

When she arrived, the people were amazed at the purple smoke when she combined the ingredients in front of them. But to her disappointment, none of the other High Elves were shown visions of the future as she was. However, even without the presence of the purple smoke, her clairvoyance began to cloud her natural vision, and she used it to predict events in the near future that when passed, caused the High Elves to dub her, the First Paigambar.

Written by Declan Wallace

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