The Plague

Artwork by Josh Godfrey

Mahamari was called before the Parishad. Knees trembling as she stared up at the elders of her race. Grim concern was displayed hauntingly on all of their faces.

Mahamari knew she was different from the rest of the Rasayana. She pushed her alchemaic limits to levels which made the other elves uncomfortable.

At times her work had been confiscated by the warrior like Yooddah during tent inspections, but on this occasion it was not the reason why she was called before the Parishad. An outbreak of deadly plague was spreading among High Elves and Dark Elves across Angaria. Mahamari was relieved to learn she had been called before the Parishad to discuss creating a cure for the two species, instead of being chastised once again for her experiments.

Anxious to begin, Mahamari accepted their offer to work towards a cure for the High Elves. Retreating to her tent immediately, she eagerly began to ponder and search through recipes that could aid her progress. After days of research, and with the help of her loyal apprentice, the Sahayak known as Yamuna, they set to curing their kin.

As the death toll began to climb, work became more desperate. It seemed half the High Elves were now suffering symptoms. Mahamari and Yamuna however, did not.

Mahamari stood tall when she presented her potion to the Parishad, but soon learnt it wasn’t all the Parishad sought. After she had presented the cure there was a tense silence, leaving Mahamari confused. The Parishad were pleased with her work and it would prove to save the High Elves, however, they wanted her to adjust it before giving it to the Dark Elves.

This potion was only a half measure according to her superiors, and they intended to add something to the potion to forever weaken the Dark Elven species…

Written by Sheldon Hicks

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