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A year has passed since we first shared the concept for our Bufons and we thought it was high time we gave you an update. We have been hard at work, refining and creating a complete Bufon to show you. We might have been a little sidetracked with other parts of the game but the Bufon still remains one of our favourite evil creatures.

Artwork By Angelica Zurawski

“The evil creatures in our game are called Danava, and Bufons are the oldest breed of the race of monsters. Though, despite being the oldest, Bufons are also the most stupid, such that other Danava often consider them no more than brainless slaves, good as livestock and scouts but nothing else.”

The Bufon has slowly morphed from a concept into a fully fleshed out character. Personally I love the Bufon, they are my favourite thing we have made so far…. And they are adorable.

Artwork by Jessica Fey

Adorable however wasn’t exactly the image we really wanted to go for so we changed the design to be more threatening; adding spikes and finally adding a texture to our poor pale Bufon. These changes have worked to make him a little bit more menacing and a lot less likely to want to keep
them as pets.

Artwork by Angelica Zurawski and Jessica Fey

Written by Kaylah Hasson

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