Game Developer Interview – Veil of Crows

An interview with Kerry Fawdray – the solo developer of Veil of Crows.

So, A solo developer in Early Access… How does it feel?
I feel an awesome sense of achievement. It’s been very stressful at times but am so happy to finally be here.

The game has been up for a little over a week, what has this week been like for you?
I am constantly checking forums, fixing bugs, implementing suggestions, uploading updates and replying to messages. It has been very flat-out, but a thrilling week for sure.

Have you had support during this time?
The community of VoC players is simply amazing and surely got me through it. Oh, and of course my wife and child! Also, my publishing company, Humble Sage Games, have been great by taking on a lot of the stress to make sure I can stay focused on what needs to be done.

The community response has been very positive, how much of their advice do you read?
Honestly… Everything I possibly can. I take feedback seriously as I want to improve the game as much as possible, however the number of messages can be a bit overwhelming at times.

It must be a relief to experience such a positive response!
Yes it is. Anxiety kept me awake for the first few nights, however, the community has been really encouraging and full of great ideas, such that VoC has turned my stress into enjoyment. Now I look forward to reading the forums.

How long do you envisage Early Access will take for VoC?
I think the timeframe at the moment is 6-8 months. There are a lot of great features that I want to add, and the community has provided me with several more. Thanks to Humble Sage Games and a new programmer, I’ve been able expand my plans to include an overhaul of the UI system and extra features that will greatly improve the experience for players.

So you really are in it for the long haul?
Oh of course! Games like this that are driven from passion are always the ones you want to follow through. To remember when I came up with the idea for VoC and look at now, there is no way I want to stop until it is as good as I can possibly make it.

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