Menu Screens

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover but do judge a game on its menu screen.  This is the story of our menu screen. We researched many types of menu screens, and by research we mean we played as many different games as we could, to you know….. Look at menu screens. We concepted by overlaying our favourite menu designs over a sample image created by our environment artist Whitney Constantine.

Original HUD Concepts – Amy Stewart
Backdrop – Whitney Constantine

Our final design is based on the old way stones that were once used instead of signposts in ancient Europe. One of our artists, introduced the idea after her mother in law arrived back from an overseas trip. She explained that as the Roman Empire expanded, their road systems grew to allow for quicker and effective travel. Along the roads they placed large stones, which were marked to inform travellers of direction and distances.  This is also where the term “Milestone” comes from (you can read more about waystones (or milestones) here: )


We loved the idea of these milestones and wanted to implement them throughout Angaria.  What better way to point our players in the right directions than to utilize this idea as our menu.

At Humble Sage Games, we appreciate that real life can be just as magical as fiction and we often draw inspiration from history to enrich our world. So, not all of our research has to involve gaming and youtube.. Or does it?

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